Alberta Innovates — Energy and Environment Solutions

Alberta Innovates — Energy and Environment Solutions

Lean about Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions
We are working to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the energy and environment sectors.

Our goal is to help Alberta become a global leader in sustainable energy production and exceptional water and environmental management. We work with our partners to identify critical technology gaps and apply world-class innovation management strategies and research to develop solutions for the biggest challenges facing Alberta's energy and environment sector. From identifying a model to value our wetlands to solving energy storage issues to working with industry to map tailings solutions -- we are working to enhance Alberta's economic, environmental and social well-being.

Our 2030 targets

2030 Targets (2015B) 


We are not just a funding agency

Our team of technical experts is tasked with identifying the technologies that will help the Government of Alberta meet its targets for reduced greenhouse gas emissions and exceptional water management.
We identify the right people and partners needed to bring projects to completion.

  • We provide technical expertise as part of a project’s steering committee
  • We monitor the project to ensure it stays on track and in scope
  • We provide third party validation of research
  • We review the findings and make recommendations for next steps

Ultimately, it's our role to ensure that government policy decisions are informed by sound technical analysis while innovative clean energy technologies are shared to speed up technology development worldwide.